Product Development

Since opening, Tripak has remained true to form. The corner stone of the company has been its ability to work closely with its customers, to design and develop new and innovative products. Through a number of local toolmakers, Tripak has been able to minimize customers lead-time for new products.

Tripak launched its new line of containers to meet the need of the ever increasing home meal replacement segment. With the all new MULTIPROTM container Tripak offers a stylish and superior product. Tripak now offers you the customer the opportunity to emboss your container with your logo, increasing your advertising stream with little extra cost to you our customer. For further information contact your Tripak representative today.


Custom Molding

In an increasingly competitive market of custom molding, there is no doubt that Tripak stands apart from the rest, specializing in thinwall high-speed molding. With machine sizes ranging from 250 tons – 600 tons, we have the capacity to meet the ongoing needs of customers of all sizes.

To meet our customers demand we operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With the use of our modern controls and monitoring systems, we are able to ensure minimal rejects resulting in a downstream savings for our customers.
In addition to molding we also offer custom printing.

Our six-color printer gives our customers the ability to highlight their products unique design.

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